The Government is now looking towards the Middle East and North Africa to find new markets for Malaysian Palm oil.

The primary Industry Minister Teresa Kok said his Deputy Sailor Md Akin and the Malaysian Palm Oil Council (MPOC) has begun to explore new markets since the beginning of this year.

He said, among them was visiting Frontline Pakistan and Ethiopia while he himself would visit several countries in North Africa, in addition to attending trade seminar in Saudi Arabia soon.

“These are all new markets, but we also see competitors have entered into this market.

“If we are slow and do not go to promote Palm us, maybe we will lose potential markets, the ” he told reporters in Parliament today.

He said there is already a country that showed keen interest and has been importing Malaysian Palm oil, but in small quantities.

Malaysia and Indonesia dominate the 85 percent of palm oil production around the world, and the two countries have been affected by the import ban imposed by the European Union (EU).

Europe claims to Malaysian and Indonesian palm oil industry involved in practices that are not sustainable. Teresa repeatedly denied the allegations.

He added that Malaysia will make it compulsory for players in the oil palm industry to grow again a million trees within a decade to tackle deforestation allegations.

“We have read that Deputy Prime Minister we meet some French member of Parliament who does not know that 50 percent of Malaysia is jungle.

“Many are ignorant about Malaysia and good things happening here. So when I’m involved in wildlife conservation and forest rehabilitation, I will told to them,  “he said again.

He said the tree planting campaign will begin this weekend in Sabah. The State for a long time accused by lobbyist antisawit as eliminating habitat of orang-utans by allowing the expansion of oil palm plantations.

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