KUALA LUMPUR – Teresa told that Prime Minister urged Malaysians to become Ambassador to the country’s palm oil products, especially Palm Oil Virgin or virgin which is very rich in vitamin E content.

“Actually we have Virgin palm oil or Palm oil red is very good to improve our vision.

“There are indeed research made by nutritionists in China regarding the red palm oil that could help improve vision especially children. So when the Prime Minister said to be drinking a tablespoon per day refers to the red palm oil or Virgin, ” she said when found media in the lobby of Parliament, today.

The Member of Parliament for Seputeh also added, he also gives the red palm oil products to China’s Ambassador to Malaysia, Bai Tian and now diamalkannya each morning.

Teresa said, since knowing the palm oil extract nourishment from him also drink a day sesudu and now feel younger.

“So the campaign Love Sawitku actually to provide awareness and education to Malaysians about our five star product of the oil palm and also be Ambassador to Palm oil.

“We encounter campaign Palm in Europe due to a misunderstanding, they lack information about the advantages and nutrition palm oil because we Malaysians already know well.

“For that reason we do this campaign seriously in partnership with many agencies and also the private sector, we want to share the nourishment of our Palm oil downstream products, ” she said

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