Our company supply products to local market with two brand which are Kijang 3 and Kijang Gold.



Purity International exporting product worldwide and offer Royal Deer brand for international market.

Our Products

Palm oil is also known as palm fruit oil, produced from the fruit of the oil palm tree, known as Elaeis Guineensis. Since palm oil is a vegetable oil, it does not contain cholesterol. Virgin palm oil is rich in carotenoids, tocotrienols and tocopherols. Since its introduction, oil palm is currently a leading agricultural crop. Increased planting, cultivation and refinement have led to the introduction of a wide range of processed palm oil products. 

RBD (Refined Bleach Deodorized) palm oil is obtained by refining crude palm oil. It is a light yellow liquid and semi-solid at room temperature, and melts to a clear yellow liquid on slight heating. RBD palm oil is used as frying oil for food industries and for manufacturing margarine, ice cream, condensed milk and soap. We supply CP6, CP8 and CP10 RBD palm olein with variety of packaging size and ensure the quality of our product throughout the supply chain.

Our products are refined, bleached, deodorised and packed at one of the biggest palm oil refinery owned by FGV, our supplier and manufacturer, which is the government associated corporation of Malaysia. It has the most modern refinery the meets the international certification standards. All products that leave FGV refinery meet the stringent requirement of PORAM (Palm Oil Refinery Association of Malaysia). PURITY is the authorised distributor for FGV.